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Best Healthy Food Trends That Offer Nutritious Foods

Sticking to the top healthy food trends can help you in eating nutritious snacks and meals at home. Most of these foods are highly recommended by respected dietitian nutritionists in the US. One of these trends includes plant-based eating, which allows people to add more plant nutrients and produce to their day.

In addition to this, there are other options that can allow you to consume plant-based materials without becoming totally vegetarian or vegan. For instance, there is a mushroom-and-meat blended burger that has really taken off, and it is still growing across different levels, including retail, restaurants, and consumer levels.

Despite the many trends that you find out there, it is advisable to go for unprocessed and whole foods. The Mermaid has reviewed the top-healthy food trends that health-conscious consumers should try. Outlined here below are the healthy food trends that you can try;

Probiotic and Prebiotic Perks


Probiotic and prebiotic perks are suitable for your gut health. Apart from yogurt, there are many options of gut-health probiotics that contain strains of beneficial probiotics. These include farmer cheese which is obtained from kefir. You can also take Kraut Krips, which is made from oatmeal and sauerkraut. Some of the conventional probiotics foods that you need to try include plain kefir kimchi, kombucha, and kvass.

Taking probiotics rich foods is the best way of feeding the bacteria found in the gut. These microorganisms play an essential role in maintaining a healthy microbiome and boosting gut health.

Eating Convenience Superfoods when Travelling

It has now become more accessible for someone to eat healthy foods when he is in a hurry. You don’t have to spend slot of time preparing sweet potatoes toast since you can take the frozen slices which are readily available in the local food stores. The availability of microwave quinoa means you don’t have to skip whole grains since you can easily buy them from the food stores.

almond butter

A combination of berry powder and almond butter is another healthy option that provides the body with extra antioxidants. As you can see, there is a trend of more people moving towards whole-food ingredients and plant-based foods. Consumers who need convenience because of their busy schedules have also started embracing heating.

Ready-to-Eat Healthy Breakfasts

People have been using frozen and quick-cooking dinners and lunches for years. Nowadays, consumers can purchase ready-to-eat breakfasts. Most of these foods are in mug or bowl form. For instance, you can pick Amy’s kitchen bowl or Dr. Praeger’s bowl. As a health-conscious consumer, you should avoid eating pastries, sugary cereals, and bagels for breakfast since you can find many products out there that marry convenience and nutrition.